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Welcome To Our ICV-HR (Immediate Consultancy Value)

 (ICV) at a Glance (Immediate Consultancy Value)

Best Wishes 2019 to You and for Your Business!

Watch out for New 2019 Grants Scheme. 

Taking the first steps towards capability development?

We can help you via consultancy projects in the areas of human resources. (ICV) = Immediate Consultancy Value.

1. Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)
Supports your business’ efforts to upgrade, innovate and venture overseas.

2. Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)
Companies keen to improve productivity by adopting technology solutions can now tap this simplified grant.

(ICV) = Immediate Consultancy aAlue, we are here to help your HR (Human Resources) issues.

We are now a Team of 200+ Strong Garphic Designers to help Your Design needs.



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